Conveyancing & Property Law

  • Sale and purchase of residential property and investment properties
  • Sale and purchase of commercial or industrial property
  • Auction sales and purchases
  • Purchasing off the plan and strata title purchases
  • Stamp duty and government incentives
  • Arranging pre purchase reports including pest and building reports
  • Commercial and retail leases
  • Subdivisions and property development

Conveyancing services

The importance of carrying out due diligence and understanding your legal position is invaluable when buying and selling property. We will attend to the fine details and ensure that your conveyancing matter is handled in a timely and professional manner. We offer a fast and efficient conveyancing service with no hidden charges.

E-conveyancing – settling your property transaction through PEXA

Settling a conveyancing transaction traditionally required the physical meeting of lawyers and bankers to check and swap documents and bank cheques. Documents would then need to be lodged with government authorities to transfer the title and change ownership details.

E-conveyancing streamlines this process, enabling lawyers, conveyancers, and financial institutions to transact online through an electronic platform known as PEXA. We are PEXA certified and fully conversant with this relatively new system of conveyancing, which visually tracks the progress of your matter, facilitates the online lodgement of documents, and provides faster access to sales funds.

Property development

Whether you are subdividing a single lot into two, or developing a high-rise strata complex, the stakes are high when it comes to developing property.

Property development is governed by layers of legislation, regulations, planning schemes and policies which are administered by local councils and other authorities. It is important to understand the interplay between different planning laws and policies and the relevant processes that apply in your area and for your project.

Collaborating with an experienced property lawyer and other professionals when taking on a property project is invaluable to check off due diligence, understand legal and titling concepts, and structure your arrangements to help mitigate risk.

Commercial and retail leases

Many businesses require physical space to carry out their operations, whether this is a retail shop, commercial office, or a storage space to house excess stock. A commercial lease governs the relationship between a lessor and lessee regarding the lessee’s right to occupy premises to carry out their business operations.

A commercial lease is not only a serious financial undertaking, but the terms of a lease may restrict how you run your business. As such, you should never sign a commercial lease without having it reviewed by your lawyer who can identify areas where the lease may be too restrictive or punitive and may be able to negotiate fairer terms with the landlord.

If the premises is defined as “retail”, certain aspects of your arrangements will be regulated under the relevant retail leasing legislation in your jurisdiction, and the lessor may have specific disclosure obligations. Your lawyer can confirm whether this applies in your circumstances.

Leasing disputes may arise because of unclear terms in the agreement, or when there are no provisions to deal with unforeseen events that can arise after the lease starts. Alternatively, the parties may simply not fully understand their rights and responsibilities under the lease. Having an experienced lawyer draft, review and negotiate a lease agreement, and explain key terms can help put the parties on the same page from the beginning and minimise disputes down the track.

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